The Town Councils as entities close to the citizens are those who must reply to the population demands and in that case anticipate the problems that could arise because of the towns own development. For this, we try to provide the legal frame defined by state, autonomous, and local regulation regarding Traffic. Such regulation deals with as essential aspects as regulation of devices that solve problems like road traffic, parking, regulated parking zones, helping pedestrian use and their coexistence with motorized vehicle circulation. They also exploit the necessary techniques to satisfy these objectives, along with an anticipated view of the new needs that can take place in the city in relation to the regaining of certain spaces for pedestrian use. All is based on the responsibilties confered to Town Councils in the article 25.2b) of Law 7/1985, on Local Regime Bases, that confer to Town Councils responsibilities on the subject of organisation of Vehicle Circulation and people on town roads. All these along with article 7 of the drafted Text of Traffic Law, motorized vehicle Circulation and Road Security approved by the Legislative Royal Decree of 2March 1990, modified by Law 5/1997 of 24 March, by Law 19/2001 of 19December, by Law 62/2003 of 30 December and by Law 17/2005 of 19July.