The Basic Points of Road Mobility in Malaga and the proposals they provide with regards to an all round approach, are shown with three strategic plans of advance for the city:
  • Municipal Mobility Maintenance Plan
  • Urban Road Security Plan
  • Transport Plan for Companies
It is obvious, at this precise moment, of the necessity to carry out an adequate Mobility Management, with a levelling approach between the different means of transport in the city. They have to solve the problems that the imbalanced abusive use of private vehicles is producing, with contamination, invasion and saturation of public spaces.
With all this, according to the “Agenda 21, Malaga towards the maintainable city”, there are many town councils who have put a lot of effort into preparing their Strategic Plans. They have used balanced and moderate criteria based on the so called Agenda 21 and fundamentally on the general objectives of the European Cities Charter for Maintenance (Aalborg Charter, Denmark), along with those set in the “United Nations Conference on Environment and Maintainable Development” celebrated in Rio de Janeiro in June 1992.
In February 2008, the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce prized Malaga with the First National IDEA Prize for Energy Efficiency and Maintenance in Spanish Town Councils, under the category of “Maintainable Mobility”.
The prize has been handed over by the Minister of Industry, Tourism and Commerce, Mr Joan Clos, to the Town Council representative, the Deputy Mayor Mobility Delegate, Mr Juan Ramon Casero Dominguez in Madrid.
The city of Malaga has obtained the IDEA prize for Maintainable Mobility for its actions to reduce the presence of private vehicles in the historical and monumental centre of the city. For this, the Town Council has designed a complete Town mobility maintenance programme consisting of the implantation of access points in the historical centre with technology related to mobility, like digital recognition of number plates, TV cameras, electro- mechanic pylons etc.