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Traffic Intensity

The Mobility Area has a centralized system with an extensive net distributed in the principal roads to give information about the number of vehicles circulating and the amount of traffic at all times. With this information, the traffic maps are calculated and the time selection is undertaken.
A Traffic Map is a group of parameters that define the action of a group of traffic lights at crossings, the times of each intersection as well as the synchronisation between crossings to help the flow of traffic. They create as many maps as necessary to reply to the different movements in the network, the behaviour of road traffic according to the time of day, type of day and time of year. For each of these situations and even in prediction of certain situations, there is a specific Traffic Map. The Traffic Maps are evaluated and changed periodically so as to keep them up to date and give the best reply possible.


The Mobility Area stores daily the intensity of traffic produced on different measure points throughout the city of Malaga to make statistics and decisions on traffic engineering. Every 4 months they make a summary where they undertake the average of the following parameters:
  • I.M.D.L: Daily average working day intensity
  • I.M.D.S: Daily average intensity on Saturdays
  • I.M.D.D: Daily average intensity on Sundays 
  • I.M.H.P.L: Peak hour average working day intensity
  • H.P.L.M: Peak hour working day 
  • I.M.H.P.S: Saturday Peak hour average intensity
  • H.P.S.M: Saturday Peak hour
  • I.M.H.P.D: Sunday Peak hour average intensity
  • H.P.D.M: Sunday Peak hour
The information available for consulting is the following: