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Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP)


Due to the changes in the economic and social circumstances that have occurred in Spain in recent years, the update of both the current situation and the forecasts of mobility in the city of Málaga became essential. Thus, this document establishes the strategy for sustainable mobility in the city by defining concrete measures and actions. It will serve as a reference for future strategic and urban development of the city. The Accessibility and Mobility Department of the Málaga City Council, in collaboration with the rest of the Departments, has developed this Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan in relation to the existing document, which dates from 2011.

As stated in the Territorial Development Plan of the Malaga Conurbation (POTAUM), approved by the Regional Government (Junta de Andalucía) in 2009, the city is the centre of the metropolitan area defined in this document, although reality shows that it is also the centre of a large conurbation that includes the Costa del Sol.

The latter had to be taken into account during the preparation of the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan, owing to the interactions that arise at a metropolitan and supramunicipal level, which condition the mobility in the city. Nevertheless, it is clear that, due to the municipal nature of the plan, its scope is limited to the municipal area of the city.

The Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan is considered to be a strategic instrument for the whole town planning included in the Urban Development General Plan (PGOU) of Málaga.

The measures and actions contained in this plan are scheduled to be carried out in three periods of time until the time horizon set in 2035.