Malaga is consolidating as a great metropolitan city, where a great number of activities and necessities join together. The people of Malaga move in different ways in a common and finite public space.
Our city is setting itself as a central focal point in a very dynamic growing area. This focal point is generating many journeys with varied and growing mobility.
Activities like work, study, shopping or just going for a walk, mean movement by transport which must be managed without giving up environmental quality, traffic fluidity or quality of life. In the last few years we have worked on specific improvement in urban mobility in Malaga.
The Mobility Department expert in all aspects in which to advance has organised steps and targets, which they have strengthened. It has been a structured job with basic strategies for our city. It is enough to point out the consolidation of traffic regulation, standard growth, technological innovation, coordination between institutions or the educative line and traffic formation and information.
Our city has to adjust itself as a great living together space where the basics of traffic mobility have to be planned and thus we must follow the lines already undertaken.
Malaga is developing and in the field of Maintenance we will take part in the Municipal Mobility Maintenance Plan (2011-2025) a clear reason for planning the mobility model where public transport must continue being a determined bet, coexisting along with a reasonable use of private vehicles, walking or travelling by bike.
Not in vain we will have continual evaluation as a modern, dynamic city, endorsing traffic development along with the protection and improvement of environment.
We are planning our future and we have to outline a maintainable mobility based on inspiring notions with interrelation between means of transport, traffic security, maintenance, operative and vigorous efficiency, guarantee of life quality and economical dynamism. For all of these we have to acquire the commitment to convert them into our next common task.
This is the challenge we face and have to undertake, linked to the development of new technologies of information and communication, with the purpose of forming in a correct way the future of mobility.

Elvira Maeso González
Deputy Mayor Mobility Delegate